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Driving lesson prices vary across different instructors, here at Village S.O.M we have many different pricing options for you to consider when booking your driving lessons.
These are all designed with you in mind to make your whole driving experience as smooth as possible.
If you have any questions regarding any of our prices please call:

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driving lesson prices

Single Driving Lessons

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£40.00 per hour

for each lesson

Block Booking Discounts

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10 Hour Course


Intensive Courses

Other intensive courses are available.

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These can be tailored to your needs and done over a short space of time with a driving test at the end.

(a weekend surcharge may apply)


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Frequently Asked Questions

driving lesson prices
How many lessons will I need?

The DVSA recommends 47 hours tuition with a qualified instructor with a further 20 or more hours of “private supervised practice”. However, students can complete the process in considerably less time than this. This will depend on the frequency and continuity of lessons, it will take longer and ultimately cost more if you don’t have regular lessons. Beware of “silly offers” and “cheap” lessons there is a saying “You get what you pay for” and this is as true with driving lessons. With us you will receive “Full lesson time” not spend half of it sitting at the roadside.

When will I know that I am ready for my driving test?

You will know when you are ready for test, when you can drive safely and independently. At the end of most of the lessons your Instructor will go through your progress with you, which will give you an idea of how well you are doing, and will highlight any areas that may need more attention.

Are you accepting new students?

Although we are always very busy we will always try our best to accommodate new students. 

Can I take lessons if I havn't passed my theory?

Yes. But you won’t be able to take your driving test until you have passed your theory test.

I work full time / College when can I do my lessons?

We can arrange your lessons around your work / college. You can have the same slot every week or it can change from week to week whichever is best suited to you, although we do advise keeping the slot arranged. You can even start your lesson at home and finish at work / college or the other way around, if arranged beforehand with the Instructor.

How do I book my driving or theory test?

You can book your driving or theory test online see our ‘Useful Links‘ page to be able to do this.